Dublin Women's Convention 2022

Following a Faithful God.

Saturday 15th October 2022

We are very much looking forward to our 12th Dublin Women's Convention on Saturday 15th October 2022 and to welcoming Alison Williams, Southern team leader for Christian Unions Ireland, to speak to us from the book of Deuteronomy. Through Alison's talks and seminars on topics relating to themes in Deuteronomy, we hope and pray that we will all be spurred on to follow our faithful God.

While we hope many will be willing to travel to our new venue (The Riasc Centre, Swords ), the convention will also be live-streamed, which may faciliate women to gather in smaller remote groups. (€5 per person) Due to increased runnings costs, in-person convention tickets will cost €15 (€10 for students). This will include tea/coffee but please bring a packed lunch.


On-line registration is now open at this link www.fienta.com/dwc2022 .

Seminar options (where you choose two) are:

1. Dealing with guilt and shame in our unfaithfulness Izzy Quinlan (Tramore Bible Church) Do you deal with a lot of guilt and shame? Do you wonder if it's possible to live a life free from being weighed down by them, in light of very real sin and failings? Is it challenging dealing with the shame of feeling like an outsider in our current culture? Come and engage with us as we look to our Saviour, the one who knew us from the beginning, and explore how our relationship with him affects our view of ourselves, our guilt and our shame.

2. Counterfeit gods: how idolatry grips us and the gospel frees us Philippa Smith (City Church Dublin) The human heart is a battle ground of competing loves! Our love for God is often overwhelmed by our love for comfort, family, security, approval or intimacy. When we take those good things and make them 'ultimate' we have made ourselves an 'idol'. In this seminar we'll look at what idolatry is, how it deceives us and how the gospel finally redeems us from its power.

3. Joyful Obedience: Following a faithful God in the everyday Catrin Carolan (Shankill Bible Church) How do we find joy in the mundane aspects of our lives - be it our daily commute, interacting with difficult colleagues in the workplace, picking up toys, honouring our parents, or accepting limitations with increasing age? Let's start looking together for traces of grace in our everyday lives as we delight in following a God who is faithful to all his promises as we live out our calling in the most routinely days.

4. Encountering our faithful God in the Old Testament Ruth Bridcut (Immanuel Church Dublin) How can we see real-life examples of the faithfulness of our God towards an unfaithful people? All through the Old Testament! However, sometimes it's challenging to know how to apply the Old Testament to our own situations as it is a different era, with some laws and scenarios seeming very foreign to us. As we consider simple questions to ask of each passage, we hope to grasp more of our faithful God and be encouraged to trust Him for the future.